Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The first day of school.

Blake had half a day of school for his first day. It seemed odd him not being at home. Normally I am at work... but now that I am unemployed, I have been home with him all summer...and it was just weird him not being here.

When we picked him up, he was sweaty and flushed and full of excitement :) He said his teacher is "way better" than he even expected :) He forgot to share the poem with her and hoped I wouldn't be upset (he had asked me to print it off so he could take it to her, so it was his idea anyway! LOL.)

After school we took him to lunch. He chose Ponderosa with dessert at McDonald's. LOL :) Then we went to my eye doctor appt. Doc says my eyes are not showing any signs of diabetes related anything so that's good :)

Blake was a little shit the rest of the day. I think the excitement got to him. When he finally got to bed, Mike tucked him in and walked out of the room. Almost immediately Blake was out of bed telling Mike that he needed to be tucked in again. Sheesh! He got yelled at (which is VERY unusual for Mike to do) and then he fell asleep.

This morning, 2nd day, full day... he jumped right out of bed when I woke him up. He said he's going to do that every day now that he's a third grader. LOL :) Yeah... we'll see how long THIS lasts!

Guess that's all the excitement for me.

I am excited for Ter because her hubby came home from the hospital yesterday!! Yay :) Will be praying that radiation kicks butt on that cancer!

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Ter said...

Thanks. :) I'll post update soon... I think I might start a blog for that specific topic. maybe.

Glad Blake had a good first day of school. :)