Monday, September 1, 2008

Twas the Night Before Third Grade

Twas the night before third grade

Bathtime is over
Story's been read
Blake's all tucked in
Snug in his bed.

Backpack is packed
Clothes are picked out
Music is playing
Excitement abounds

He can't get to sleep
Tears start to flow
More kisses, more hugs
"No Momma, don't go!"

"Please, Daddy, please,
Tuck me in just once more.
Leave on a light
Don't close the door."

"I need a drink.
Where is my bear?
I'm *yawn* not tired *yawn*.
Put my water over there."

"Sing me a song,
The 'you are my sunshine' one.
I love you Mommy."
"I love you too, Son."

He's finally asleep
And I should be too
For the sun will soon rise
On the first day of school.

1 comment:

Ter said...

Great Poem, Jo! You're so talented!