Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm SO excited!

Shelley is coming today... TODAY!!!!

We are going to "Whose Live?" at the Midland Center for the Arts (about 35 mins from here). It is a live version of Whose Line is it Anyway. The folks who will be there are Ryan Stiles, Colin Mockery, Chip and Greg (can't remember their last names). The show is tonight.

We were going to go to the apple orchard tomorrow (about 45 mins from here) but I can't afford the gas to get to both places... or the fees for the stuff at the orchard. So not sure what we are going to do... but I know it'll be FUN :)

Plus... when I was in Australia I fell in love with a dessert that the shops I bought it at called "Caramel Slice". It had sort of a shortbread cookie crust, with a thick layer on top of that that was most definitely made with sweetened condensed milk, and then a thin layer of chocolate on top of that! Oh my mouth would water whenever I even THOUGHT about getting one of those. And since the family I lived with went to the mall almost every day.. I had one almost every day. YUMMY!!! (STill not sure how I lose 15 lbs while I was there!)

But.... since I got home I have been searching for the recipe. Even asked Aussies on chat boards. And nobody knew what I was talking about!

Well, recently my friend , Ter, showed me a recipe site and you can chose the region of the world that you want recipes from. So I did that. Still couldn't find "caramel slice". So I browsed HUNDREDS of recipes looking for one that had ingredients that I was sure would be the right thing. I found "Skite Cake". It sounds the same.... except it has a chocolate crust and no chocolate on top... but those are easy fixes :)

I can't WAIT to make it!! Am waiting for the butter to soften :)


So I will have two of my favorite things today! Shelley visiting and caramel slice!

What more could a girl want? Oh, ok, yeah... there's THAT... but come on! Let's live for the moment :)


Ter said...

You mean "Who's Line?" I used to watch that sometimes when it was on TV. Chip is kinda hot. lol. ;) with a dorky name. lol.

and I'm glad you like the recipe site and hope the recipe turns out similar to what you want.

Speaking of food I better go downstairs before the pizza man cometh. ;)

Jo said...

It is the guys from "Whose Line?" but the live version is called "Whose Live?"