Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Cheeks Hurt!

Oh my gosh! "Whose live Anyway?" was SO SO SO hilarious! I thought I was going to pee my pants! We didn't stop laughing from the time it started (7:30) until the very end (9:15 or so).

I was wrong about 2 of the folks.... it was Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten (you're right, Ter, he IS hot!!), Greg Proops, and Jeff B. Davis. I have seen Jeff on the "Whose Line" and didn't really care much for him. But last night he was a hoot!

They interacted with the front row... so we decided when they come back we are going again and we'll be in the front row! Except Shelley who said she doesn't want to be on stage so she'll sit a few rows back! LOL :)

There is a river near where they were called the Titibiwasee (tih tih bih wah see) and Greg kept calling it the Titty-bwaaaaasee river. It was hilarious!

There's also a town nearby called Zilwaukee and they thought someone was meaning Milwaukee with a Z, so they were saying things like Zississppi. LOL!

You really HAD to be there... but I'm telling you... it's a good thing I didn't wear mascara because it would have been all over my face if I had! And I should have worn depends! LMAO!!!!!

If you EVER have the opportunity to go... you should. It was WELL WORTH the money and time!

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Ter said...

Glad you had a good time!!! I wish I could hear better and go to things like that. There is a dinner theatre near me, and I hear it's really great, but of course it'd all be lost on me. Too bad! But I'm really glad you had a good time. Did you get a chance to oggle over Chips butt? lol on the show he used to stick it out sometimes and hmm hmm! Can't say more than that lol!

p.s. They didn't measure my face but if you say so. lol. (re: your comment on my blog)