Sunday, September 28, 2008


Our town has a swim team. They are the Mount Pleasant Pacers. Blake tried out for the team tonight. He made it! He has been in bed for over an hour (after an hour of swim drills at tryout) and he is STILL awake!!! I don't know how he didn't just crash.

So he's excited... and even MORE excited that he doesn't have to wear, as he puts it, skimpy bathing suits. LOL. They wear boxer brief type trunks (kind of like spandex bike shorts). To get the Pacer's swim trunks (with the logo on them) it costs $30 bucks! OUCH! So, I have beckoned the freecycle gods to see if someone has an old, outgrown Pacers swim trunks to offer :)

In the meantime, they have their first meet on the 10th, but he won't be able to compete in that one because we will be out of town on a color tour.

So we are excited.... and I will be posting his progress here (of course).


Ter said...

congratulations, blake!

What's a color tour?

I think Canadian schools would benefit from things like swim teams...

Jo said...

A color tour is where we drive around and look at the changing fall colors of the trees :)

The swim team isn't through his school... it's a city thing, but the high school has a swim team so he can try out for that when he gets there (if he wants to, of course).