Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny story

We were driving with my mom and sister and talking about getting ready to drive home. From Mom's is about a 2 hour drive. Blake asked if he could take a nap on the way home. I said, "Absolutely." Apparently I had a little too much excitement in my voice because he said, "Well, if you want me to that badly I'm not going to."

I said that maybe I'd take a nap on the way home and Blake got all excited and said that he would drive home. I said, "No, Tom can drive home" Blake said, "Tom who?" I said, "Tom Cruise" Mom nearly wet her pants!

Blake said that the cruise control wouldn't steer the van. I said it was OK because when we hit the cement abuttment (sp??) it would keep us on the road.

He's such a funny boy!!!

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Ter said...

you don't know who ryan reynolds is? well, girl you're missing out!! But I got dibs on him, ok! Besides he's Canadian, so that only makes sense. ;)