Thursday, October 9, 2008

Honey to the rescue!

Blake was in the backyard with Honey this evening and he said she ran to something. So he went to check it out. Here's what she had found:

Isn't he the cutest? Mike called the animal shelter and they gave him a number to call for the Cat Clinic here in town. So he called them and they said to bring the baby over and they would take care of it from there. Blake got a shoe box and fixed it up with holes in the lid and washcloths (his favorite ones too) in the bottom to transport the little guy.
The squirrel kept trying to climb back up the tree (not sure if that's the tree he fell out of or not) and he'd get about 3 feet up and fall back down. I thought he was going to kill himself... but then realized if that initial fall (about 20 feet) didn't kill him, I doubt a 3 foot one would!


Tonia said...

Very cute, yes, but I'm confused. Why were you supposed to call the Cat Clinic?

Jo said...

Apparently the Cat Clinic has someone who rehabilitates wildlife. LOL!

Ter said...

omigoodness, he's so goshdarnedcute! I never seen one quite so small!!!

did they see the momma anywhere?

I think it's great you got it in pictures! :)

When I was in elementary school there was a squirrel that lived in the school. They had a enclosure for him. I don't know if they found him as a baby, or what, I don't know, he was there before I started going to school, and he was there when I "graduated" from elementary.

Paula said...

He's so cute!!! And I love Honey's confused look.... "what the hell is that thing??"