Sunday, November 23, 2008

A champion in our midst...

Blake had another swim meet on Saturday morning. This time he finished all of his events without any trips to ER (if you don't remember, his last meet he competed in one event then slipped and fell in the locker room and had to get 4 stitches in his head).

Blake took first place in the 50 yard freestyle, 25 yard breaststroke and 100 yard relay (he swam one leg of the relay). He took second place in the 25 yard freestyle.

Here he is with 3 of his awards. We were still waiting for the results of the relay.

On the way home, Blake called everyone he knew in my phone. He told Tammy, "Well, at least this time I didn't come home with a trophy on the back of my head!" LOL.. he's such a hoot!

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Ter said...

that's so great! yay blake!

and hi lily! ( can you see her in the corner? as an orb of course but we all know what orbs mean!)