Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, today Pop had the ventilator turned off... and got the tubes out of his throat! He was glad to finally be able to talk... to communicate with more than a nod and a blink.

I talked to Mike around 6:00 and he said Pop was eating salmon, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and raspberry cheesecake for dinner! Pretty amazing dinner for someone who just mere hours ago was so heavily sedated they couldn't even lift their head!

This is all such good news! We are continuing to pray that he keeps on progressing in such leaps and bounds :)

Thank you for all of your prayers (even if you didn't comment, I have faith that ppl have been reading and praying :) )


Ter said...

that's great news, Jo!

Stacey said...

daaaaaang, that's a good meal for the hospital!!!

I hope he continues on this positive path. *hugs*

Tonia said...

Ok, I've been out of the loop and so I've come in at the middle of the story. When I saw that "Pop" was getting off the ventilator, I thought you must have fallen off a cliff! Seriously, I thought you were lost in some kind of longing for your Dad and reliving stuff and why would you pick that to relive and did I need to call in someone to go have you evaluated!

So glad that you're ok, and that Mike's dad is improving. Sheesh!