Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's snow time!

Today was a snow day. Blake was quite excited. Mike did not have a snow day, so he had to drive over an hour to school... and he forgot he had the snowblower in the back of his van. So I had to shovel the driveway so I could get out. My friend called to see if we wanted to go sledding... so we got all bundled up, packed the sleds and kids in the car and off we went. I got a cute shot of B on his way down the hill.

Mike decided to skip his last class and come home early (so he got home at 5:30 as opposed to 11:00 ... or later depending on the roads). He has been out snowblowing, and Blake went out to help:

I am not sure how much snow we've gotten... but if you look at the snow on top of the birdhouse in this pic:

And compare to the snow on the birdhouse in this pic:

As you can see, snow is still falling as I take this pic. I am guesstimating we got about 10 inches so far, and we are supposed to get 3-8 more through the night. (Just so you know, I fell on my ass in the snow when I went out to take this pic....LOL)


Ter said...

Here is my profound statement:


lol, how's that for profound?

Its strange, we don't get snow days here simply because then no one would ever go to work or school. But it appears to me that snow days are not days to stay inside because there is too much snow to go anywhere, it is, instead, a day to go outside and PLAY!

But at least Blake had a good time, so that's good!!!! :)

Jo said...

Yeah... snow days here don't mean we all stay home! LOL :) But they cancel school just because it limits the numbers on the roads and then the school district isn't responsible if someone chooses to go out and gets in an accident.

But we usually don't venture out until well into the afternoon when the roads have been plowed. Althought today it didn't really matter cuz it was snowing so much the roads were still slippery.

Tonia said...

I love your new look!

And I have to confess that I actually like shoveling. I like how it looks when I'm done. I also like it better than snow blowing because it's quiet and it doesn't smell bad. And when I think that some day I may get too old for it, I look over and see my 87 year old neighbor shoveling her driveway- and yes I help her :-)