Friday, December 12, 2008

One last fun night.

One of the benefits of living in a college town is that we have a plethera of babysitter possibilities. Every semester, we have been fortunate to find one really good sitter. For the past year, Blake has had Patrick as his sitter. Blake loves Patrick. We love Patrick.

One time, Blake made blue tooth earpieces from little plastic packaging that tape runners came in. I thought I had posted a pic on here, but can't find it right now. Anyway... he made one for himself and one for Patrick. Patrick wore it. AND he brought it back the next time he came to babysit!!!

Blake and Patrick almost always played secret agent. We never knew when we'd come home what sorts of things we'd find around the house. Little squares of construction paper taped to the bannister.... paper with hand prints traced on them stuck to the kitchen cupboards.... large pieces of construction paper hanging on the walls in the hallway. All of these were secret agent gadgets for getting in and out of various locations (fingerprint recognition etc).

Well, as is always the case when you have a college student as a sitter.... Patrick is graduating. This chapter of his life is closed. He will move away and begin his life as a full fledged adult.

He is a great person, and I asked him to tell his folks what a great job they did raising him. He will go far in life.

So... without further ado... here are some pics from the last night that Patrick came to sit.

Blake and Patrick... fast friends :)

The front of the gingerbread house that Blake and Patrick made while we were out!

Side view of house. Patrick says he got better on the "swooshes" on the roof on this side :)

Back of house.

Other side of house.

How can you NOT love a guy who does THIS with your kid? Patrick said that sometimes the frosting wouldn't stick, so he and Blake took turns eating it! LOL!!

We will never forget Patrick. He will always hold a special place in our memories!


Stacey said...

Dang. All I ask of babysitters is that they throw Ace in the bathtub and into bed and keep him alive. I think if one of them would make a gingerbread house, I'd die of happiness.

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Ter said...

sounds like a good guy.

Tonia said...

Wow! And a man at that. I almost feel like I should say, "Sorry for your loss!"

Paula said...

How funny - Patrick did PEAK at Pullen for several years, and Anna had a HUGE crush on him for each of those years. She would have been extremely envious to know that he was Blake's sitter!