Monday, December 8, 2008

My little star!

Every year our church puts on a Christmas play. Blake has had minor parts every year. This year he wanted to try out for a speaking part, and he was cast as Emerald, the chef :) The ironic thing is, he LOVES Emeril and has wanted to be a chef since he was small (as an extra income to his tow truck and ambulance driving).

Here are some pics of my boy in action :)

When he first came on stage as part of the children's choir and saw us.

Here he is as Emerald, asking Miss Ellie what time she'd like dinner to be served.

Bam! He's kicking it up a notch.

Cute dialogue between him and Miss O'Reiley (in the red shirt):

Miss O'Reiley: Emerald, do you know what your cookin' reminds me of?

Emerald: Turkey I hope!

Back in the choir.

Singing and signing.

Emerald looking on as the girls dance.
Miss O'Reiley (Presley)...she is on Blake's swim team too... he thinks she's cute. She *is* a doll!
Curtain call.
Blake thought this was great because he got to take a bow!