Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here is a picture of Blake next to the pile of snow by our driveway. The snow in the yard is over Dolly's head... it's quite hilarious watching her try to plow through it!

Hopefully Shelley doesn't look at my blog before we exchange gifts (it's supposed to happen today). This is a wall hanging I made for her.

A cookbook I made for Shell.

Inside of cookbook.

Close up or picture on front of cookbook.


Ter said...

omg the picture on the cookbook is hilarious! LOL!

but wait! no credits for me. boo hoo!!

Ter said...

Wait! Is your dog about take a S**T in that picture!?!?! OMG LOL

Jo said...

NOOOO! The poor thing... there was salt on the sidewalk that Mike had put down. The bag said it was "pet safe" but it was burning her feet. She was trying to figure out how to get away from it! The poor baby! We rushed her in the house and washed her feet off (Dolly too) and didn't let her back out there again!!

LOL... it DOES look like she's trying to leave a little something there doesn't it?

Oh... and I did tell Shelley after she opened the cookbook that you came up with the title :)