Friday, December 19, 2008

A trip down Memory Lane.

I believe they were dating here. That's my Mom and Pop!

A bear he won for her at the carnival!

On their honeymoon to Niagra Falls.

Their first house. It cost $750!!!

Shoveling snow. Check out his outfit :)

Pop with "Teeny Grandma". She was only 5 feet tall so we called her Teeny Gramma. My mom's mom was quite tall and we called her Big Gramma :)

He's in the Army now.

Another Army picture.

A picture of Pop's foxhole in France.

An Easter card he sent from France.

I will post what he wrote on the back at the end of the pictures.

This is what his letters looked like when they came in the mail.

A letter to Big Gramma (his MIL) dated May 4, 1945. This was what the inside of the one above looked like... it folded up.

Back of the Easter card:

Dear Hersh, Judy & Jerry, I love you.
Just sending you are small remembrance on this Easter. Darling I will be praying and with you on this Easter Day. Darling it will be wonderful to know that you had a happy Easter. Darling I will try to have the same. Darling so let us keep our hearts warm for each other and things will seem more gleaming. Darling let us pray that we can be together soon. So I will close, as ever.
Love Hubby Walt


Ter said...

aw.. great to have those memories!! (even if you were barely a speck in his eye!)

LM said...

You look so much like your Dad, especially the eyes and the smile. I love seeing pictures of when our folks were young XOXOXOX