Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life's embarassing moments

After Blake's swim meet, we stopped at a gas station that I thought had hot dogs and such to grab a bite to eat. We walked in and Blake had to use the restroom. So I followed him back into the stock room (why do they put bathrooms way back there?) and I decided I should go too.

We come out of the bathrooms and walk across the store to look for hot dogs (and he wanted a pretzel). No hot dogs. So we walk around the store to see what they have. They have a microwave and some frozen dinners that you can cook in said microwave (so long as you pay for them FIRST).

I decide on a ham and cheese sandwhich. Then back across the store for a couple of sodas. Then to the middle of the store for a candy bar. The store is not one of those tiny little gas station mini marts... it's a pretty good sized mini grocery store.

We wait in line (it was quite busy), pay and leave. Drive home. Unload the van and I'm getting laundry together and for some reason I reach behind me... and there...hanging out of the back waistband of my pants... and down to about my knees.... is the loop of toilet paper I had laid on the seat to protect my heiney from any cooties in there.




I call to Blake and say, "Blake! Why didn't you tell me I had toilet paper hanging out of the back of my pants?"

He says, "What?" So I turn around. He bursts into fits of laughter. Right there on the stairs.

Once he composes himself he says, "Mom, I'll bet once we walked out of that store those people were busting up laughing at you."

Yeah. Me too.

And for good cause :)

You can bet your heiney I won't be doing THAT again! I will triple check my rear view before leaving any bathroom upon which I have sat on a toilet paper draped seat.

I may never set foot in that store again either.

How much ya wanna bet it'll be on some "caught in the act" show in the near future? You KNOW they have cameras in there.

Do me a favor? If you see it... DO NOT CALL ME! *sigh* I don't wanna know.


Ter said...


no I'm not laughing with you, I'm laughing at you! why lie about it? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Tonia said...

It just goes to show that it's dangerous to be afraid of cooties!