Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes sir that's my swimmer!

Blake had a swim meet Saturday morning. This was his first meet in his new age bracket (the 9-10 year olds).

He swam the 50 yard freestyle, 50 yard breast stroke, 50 yard backstroke and for the first time ever the 100 yard freestyle.

I only kept track of his overall placements this time.

50 yard free.... 5th place
50 yard breast.... 3rd place
50 yard back ..... 3rd place
and the 100 yard free.... 5th place :)

He was worn out after that 100! LOL :)

He was bummed at first that he wasn't taking 1st place in his heats (like he did at the last meet).... but I reminded him that this is his first meet in this age group... so he's basically the bottom of the totem pole here. That helped... after that he was excited that he didn't get last in his heats :)

Too cute!!!

I wanted to take a pic of him with his awards (they gave medals for all of his placements)... but forgot to do that before we left the pool. So I'll try to get one tomorrow and post it :)

Love my swimmah! :)

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