Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good times... Good friends

Wow! I've had an AMAZING weekend!

Tammy came on Tues... Shelley surprised me by showing up on Thursday (she said she was coming on Friday!!)! My sis and her friend came on Fri.

Tammy and Shelley and I shopped, and ate, and laughed, and talked, and shopped, and ate, and laughed, and talked... get the idea??

Blake had a swim meet on Saturday morning so Shelley went with us to that and helped out at the concession stand with me. This is the first time she's seen Blake swim competitively.

After the meet Shelley, Tammy and I got ready for our night out and went to get manicures. We had SO much fun! The girls who did our mani's were a hoot :) Then we met Joy and her friend at Ponderosa and had dinner. Then we came back home and met my MIL and we all loaded into my van for our annual trek to "Women's Comedy Night Out" at my church. We laughed so much our cheeks hurt! WCNO is always SO SO much fun!!!!

We got home around 10:30 or so... and Shelley and I made some bracelets... well, I fixed some that I had broken and Shelley made me a really cute red, white and blue one! I love it!!!

We went to bed at midnight...then up at 7:30 this morning to get ready for church (well, Joy, her friend and I were up).

I am BEAT! But it's a GOOD kind of tired!

I love when Shelley and Tammy come. You could seriously throw the 3 of us into a cardboard box and we'd have a BLAST! We nearly got kicked out of Ponderosa one time (not this weekend)!


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