Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blake is sick AGAIN!

I called the doc today and told them that B has been coughing at night for a few days now. I asked if I should bring him in, or just keep giving him cough meds. They said to bring him in cuz lots of stuff is going around.

So.... I picked him up from school and took him to the doc. Bronchitis. That's what I thought... from that barky cough. Again. *sigh* I wonder if he'll EVER grow out of this?

So I'll be home tomorrrow with a sick boy. He doesn't really ACT sick.... other than the fact that he's wanting to sit and watch TV rather than go ride his bike or play other games. But, he started on antibiotic today so that'll get him feeling better fast :)

Hopefully he'll be all good by Saturday cuz he has Novice Championships for swimming on Saturday.

At his last meet, my mom bought him a t-shirt that reads: Instant swimmer... just add water. Cute :)

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Ter said...

feel better soon!