Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm sitting here at the computer and the house is quiet. So quiet that I can hear the cat jump over the gate to his food bowl. Of course, the cat DOES weigh 26lbs, so I honestly can hear him from upstairs when he jumps that gate!

I love the quiet of morning, though. If it were warmer (read, no snow) I'd grab a cup of hot cocoa and sit on the swing for a bit, and just enjoy the wonders that God has blessed me with.

The house is completely silent. I can hear birds outside. Sun is shining through the window and will soon spill onto the floor creating a sunbeam that will be irrisistable to the cats. Mike is still in bed and I can imagine both dogs there with him... Dolly stretched out under the covers along his back.... Honey with her head on my pillow and her paws on Mike. Blake has been deposited at school, grouchy from not wanting to go to bed last night.

And this time is mine. Time for me to think. Plan. Dream. Relax. Pray.

If only every morning were filled with this solitude.


Tonia said...

My favorite thing is to be home alone. I'd rather do that than go out alone, or even with friends really.

Ter said...

I tried to read this earlier but for some reason it would not upload properly.

My house is too quiet. That's why I put the tv on for the entire time I'm awake.