Monday, April 27, 2009

The gazebo

Aaaaahhhhh..... Shelley and I sat out in the gazebo for some time while she was here. It wasn't the warmest of days... but it was nice to sit and relax and chat and not have bugs bothering us :)

Actually... the day she arrived I was sitting out there wrapped up in a blanket (I told ya). Mike was gone and when he got home, Blake told him where I was. He came out to the patio and cracked up when he saw me all bundled up. Then he joined me :)

Tomorrow Jeni and I will be enjoying the gazebo after we have lunch together. We tossed around the idea of getting food and eating out there... but it's supposed to rain so we thought we'd go have lunch and hopefully enjoy the after the rain beauty :)

This summer it's going to be SO SO nice! Shelley will be here for her annual summertime visit... so we'll have lots of time to enjoy the gazebo.

Who knew you could talk about something so simple at such great length? I am just SO SO excited to have it. I have been wanting one for years and just couldn't justify spending the money when we had it.

Maybe my next blog post will be on the laptop from inside the gazebo :) LOL!!!!

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Ter said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the gazebo! :) It is finally getting nice enough here to spend time outside! yay!