Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am so ticked off! My mom bought me the new gazebo. Mike and Blake set it up on Sunday. It was very cold and windy on Sunday, so I didn't sit in the gazebo.

Monday it was cold and rainy all day.

Today (Tuesday) it's been cold and rainy all day... including some sleet!

Come hell or high water I am sitting in that gazebo tomorrow!! I don't care if I have to put on long johns and wrap up in a blanket!!!!!


Ter said...

so annoying eh! I totally relate!!

I'm hoping the nice weather will stick around a bit! Finally it was sunny today but still not quite nice enough to dry up the yard.

hey I miss chatting! I hope you're doing okay, I know it's a rough time of year for you! ((HUGS))

Shelley said...

Hey, lady! You need to update this post since we got to sit and enjoy the gazebo! I can't wait to sit out there in the summer and relax the day away. Love ya