Thursday, May 7, 2009

Field Trip

Sometimes I like not working. Like yesterday when I got to go with Blake's class on a field trip to a nearby nature center. We left the school at 8:50 AM and returned at 2:30 PM. What a day! I found a tiny baby painted turtle that was no bigger than a quarter! So cute! But I didn't get a pic of it, because the guy told me to put it in a jar in the building with other babies that had been found yesterday too. Had it just been Blake and I, I would have let him hold it and I'd have taken a pic.

But here are pics I did get.....

Blake investigating a burr... looking at the hooks that inspired the invention of velcro.

Blake and his new BFF, RJ, looking at dirt they just dug up for "What lives in the soil?"

Getting dirty looking for life in the soil.
They found a centipede, several worms, roots, a neotode (tiny white worm), and a blade of grass.

Blake dipping the pond.

More pond dipping... getting into the weeds.

Checking out what they found in the pond

Double magnifying what was in pond water. (They found a fish, water mites, and a leech.)

Trying to get a tiny water mite into the dropper to put it under the microscope.

Learning about how the "junk" from shucking wheat blows away.

Sitting in a wigwam learning about native american life.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like an awesome field trip! I never knew that nature center was there, I'm definitely going to have to check it out.