Friday, May 15, 2009

I got an award!

Lilly at the blog Roy's Progress! tagged me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. It says to just copy and paste... but I can't get it to work. So if ya wanna see the award, you'll have to go to Lilly's blog :) Hee hee!!

Here are the rules....

1. When given the award, you list 7 things that you love.

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love. Be sure to tag them and let them know they've won. (You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard.)

Ok so.... 7 things I love

1. My family

2. My friends

3. Being a mom

4. Being a teacher (even if I am unemployed at the moment).

5. God

6. that I had such good role models for parents

7. that I was fortunate enough to be able to go to college.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 7 people.... not sure I know 7 ppl who have blogs... but let's see....

Stacey at she cracks me up on a daily basis. We also connect because we both have angel babies. And her son, Ace, is a hoot!

ToniaJo at Tonia and I were roommates in college and we had some fun times together! She is such a down to earth, God loving person and I just love her :)

Tammy at Tammy is one of my BFFs and is the greatest person! She is so non-judgemental and accepting. Love ya Tam!

LisaMarie at LisaMarie is my SIL and a great friend! She has such an amazing way of writing...I wish I could write so eloquently!

Paula at Paula is an inspiration to me as she is the mom a child with special needs. She does a great job too!!

Ok.. that's all I know. Sorry it's not 7.

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musingsfromamichiganmom said...

Oh my gosh... I just now happened to see this! Thank you! I feel honored that you love my blog. :) And the feelings are mutual.