Friday, May 15, 2009

Nickel allergy?

Ok... so my new doc (specialist) thinks the reason my hands keep splitting and bleeding is because I have a nickel allergy. She sent me a nickel free diet that she wants me to follow for a month.

Between Mike's food allergies (onion, garlic, cabbage, thyme) and this... we are going to have to get REALLY creative w/ our menus!

I apparently cannot upload the diet here.... let's see if I can copy and paste from word. Nope.. can't do that either... so here we go... these are the foods I cannot have:
* dairy products made with restricted ingredients (such as raspberry yogurt)
*multigrain breads
*oats and oatmeal
*wheat bran, wheat germ, whole wheat bread
*crackers made with restricted grains
*multigrain cereals
*canned pasta
*legume pasta (such as mung bean pasta)
*whole wheat pasta
*egg dishes prepared with restricted ingredients
*NO nuts or seeds
*other oils (I CAN have pure corn or canola oil)
*commercial salad dressing
*chocolate milk
*canned drinks
*restricted fruit drinks
*alcoholic beverages
*vitamin and mineral supplements w/ nickel
*canned vegetables
*bean sprouts
*green peas
*canned fruit and juice
*plums, prunes
*canned meat, poultry or fish
*all shellfish
*processed meats with fillers
*ALL legumes (includes all beans, carob, chickpeas, green/ yellow split peas, lentils, licorice, peanuts, soy beans, soy sauce, tofu)

So for dinner tonight I will be serving an apple and a slice of cheese. LMAO!!

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

Goodness! What does that leave to eat!
A nickel allergy? I've never heard of that!
I hope this will help.
btw...I DID make a card, but it wasn't too pretty. I have an idea for another one and I will definitely send a pic of it. What is the theme now?

Make it a GREAT day~