Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love my son!

Today after Blake got home from school, we sat on the swing in the gazebo and chatted. I just love watching him while we talk. He has such personality. Those beautiful blue eyes, long lashes, and those freckles. I just ADORE his freckles! He is going to be such a lady killer as he gets older :)

I can remember when he was just little... like around a year old...and my niece would get SO embarassed (she was 14 at the time) because we'd go to a store and complete strangers would stop and comment on how adorable Blake was. One time there were high school age boys in line behind us and they were just ENTHRALLED with Blake and were talking to him and kept telling me over and over how adorable he was. Greta would have turned invisble if she could have. LOL!

And he is still just as adorable (at least *I* think he is... ha, ha!). I was asking him if anyone had tried to get him to buy drugs, drink booze, smoke cigarettes, etc at school. He was looking at a magazine and just kept saying, "Nope. Nope. Nope." Then I said, "Did you kiss anyone at school today?"

His eyebrows went up, he looked at me out of the corner of those beautiful blue eyes, and he said, "Uh, NO!"


He chatted with me about a variety of things for about 30 minutes. I love that time with him.

If we are in the car together, I turn the radio off so that we can talk.

I am so SO blessed to have him. I know that. I love him more every second! I'll be working around the house and will think of him and my heart just skips a beat. I miss him when he's in school. I wish I didn't have to put him to bed (ok, some nights I can't WAIT for bedtime!)... so that we could spend just a few more minutes together.

I know it's a HUGE taboo... but when he was younger (aka when I could still lift him) I would sometimes get him out of his bed and bring him to mine so I could snuggle with him all night. Mike worked nights at that time...so there was room :)

Words just cannot express how much I love Blake. How grateful I am that God chose ME to have him. Me. Blake's Mom. Mrs. Blake's Mom as one of his friends at school calls me :)

When I was pregnant for him I remember thinking I couldn't possibly love him more. Then he was born... and it was love at first sight... and it was even MORE than the love I already felt for him. And I was SURE there was no way I could love him more. And now... 9 years later... I love him more every day. It is amazing to me how much love I have for this child. Not amazing that I love him...just amazing that one person can feel that much love for another.

He is definitely an amazing boy :)

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