Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun weekend.

This weekend, my BFF Tammy had an open house for her son, Matti. He graduated with honors last week! Yay Matti!!!

Blake and I spent the weekend there helping get ready for the party.

Here's Blake and Uncle Phil taking a break to play some catch.

Last year Blake rode a quad and he flipped it. Then he was scared to get back on it. This weekend I forced him to get on it again. Now he's hooked!

This is Maggie May, she is Dolly's BPFF (Best Puppy Friend Forever)!

Here's Dolly playing with Boo (the tan dog) and Moose.

This was a bottle of water we threw in the fire to show Blake how you can boil water and the container won't burn. If you look at it bigly, you might be able to see the bubbles in the boiling water.

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