Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alone time

Well... Blake has been delivered to Springhill Camp. Wouldn't you know I forgot my camera in the van... so I didn't get any pics of him before I headed back home!

We got him all registered and then he hopped on an old fire truck that took off .... lights flashing and sirens blaring... to take him to his sleeping quarters. How cool is THAT??? (here's a pic I found online of a similar fire truck to the one he rode on).

After a few minute wait, Gramma (Mike's mom) and I hopped on a tram (a wagon pulled by a tractor) and were bumped off to see Blake's bunk and say our final goodbyes.

He is staying in "the forts"... which is a camp area that looks like log forts that are situated in a big circle with a huge bonfire pit in the center! He was hoping for a bunk on the 2nd floor.. which he got :)

After chatting with his counselor and getting a reluctant hug from my camper... we loaded back on the tram and were bumped along for a tour of the grounds (well PART of the grounds as the entire camp is HUGE... as in 515 acres huge!) and then headed for home.

I didn't cry. BIG step for me :)
When I got home I was reading a little slip of paper they gave me with my password so that I can go online and look at pics of what Blake is doing every day, and realized that we pick him up on Friday.... I thought we picked him up on THURSDAY! Oh boy!
Tomorrow I'll be sending him a card :) I miss him already!! But I know he'll have a great time... and won't want to come home :)
HUGS to my boy!!

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

I KNOW he must be having such a great time!
As for you, I wish I could tell you it gets easier!
I think I would love to be at Springhill.....
Have a great week, start a project you can share with Blake when he gets home~