Friday, June 12, 2009

Yard work

Some of you may recall the friendship garden I did for my 40th birthday. Mike got me a bunch of rocks, put them in the shape of a heart and then I had a bday party and asked everyone to bring a perennial plant/ flower to put in the garden. That way every year when it bloomed it would be a special reminder.

That worked wonderfully the first couple of years. But since I'm not a gardener, I had a hard time telling what was supposed to stay and what was supposed to go. This year I could identify 1 plant. *sigh*

Plus, I couldn't see the garden any longer from my swing. So I decided to move the garden. I will move more of the plants once my gardening guru friend, Tammy, comes and identifies them for me :)

Anyway... here are the before and after pics of that project.... plus some other pics from the day.

"Pop's Place" before.

Pop's Place after.

A purple finch on my feeder :)

Mike was sitting in this chair and a squirrel ran off the roof (there used to be a branch from that reddish tree that touched the roof but Mike trimmed it off) and fell to the ground!

Here is the squirrel after he fell off the roof and ran up the tree. Poor thing was breathing pretty heavily! He apparently didn't get the memo that the bridge was out :)

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