Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new house???

We have been having some yard work done around our house. People who are driving by will slow down and stare. People who are walking by will stop and talk. Michael says they are probably wondering if the house has always been here. It'll make sense after you take a look at the pics :)

View from across the street before.

View from across the street after.

Gazebo/ patio area before.

Gazebo/ patio area during.

Gazebo/ patio area after (well, Mike has a project going on there in front of it... but still!) A woman stopped yesterday and commented on how cute the new patio is (it has always been there!)

Front of house before (that's Blake's bedroom window behind that branch).

Front of house during (nice logs huh?? The one by the dog was 21" diameter.)

Front of house after.

The chipper .. that pile o' mulch was just the branches from the tree in front! There was another pile just as big from the branches out back.

Portable sawmill (coolest machine ever!!)

Portable sawmill after squaring off the log.

This is the lumber from the 2 logs in front of the house. There is another pile of lumber from the tree out back (that's not completely finished yet so no pics yet). This will eventually be our friend Jeni's kitchen countertop :) (Her husband cut the trees down in exchange for the wood).

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