Thursday, June 4, 2009


Mike and I went to Springhill to have a tour of the camp today. We got lost on the way there... sheesh! He says it's my fault cuz I'm a terrible navigator and directionally challenged. But I say it's his fault cuz he listened to me. LOL!!

But I have to say.... Springhill is amazing! There is so much to do there that the kids don't have time to be homesick! Blake is going to have a BA-LAST!!!!

I am still anxious about him going... but I am also excited because he's going to have such a good time.

He will be doing archery, zip line, low ropes course, swimming, the blob (an inflatable tube that you sit on one end of and someone jumps off a platform onto the other end and you go flying up in the air and land in the water), horseback riding, hiking, fishing, rock wall climbing... and so SO much more!

I am looking forward to seeing him at the end of the week and hearing all about his week :)


roy/elisabeth dean said...

Goodness Jo! I would LOVE to go to Springhill! Do they take adults that are kids at heart?

You're right, he won't have time to get homesick!

btw, I'm directionally challenged too. Roy has no choice now but to ride with me. You should have SEEN the route I took to get Molly to the airport last week!

Have a great weekend~

musingsfromamichiganmom said...

Lance was there a few years ago, with the church's mens retreat, and even though that was in October and about half of the activities weren't going he said it was awesome! Blake will definitely have an amazing time!

Jo said...

Lilly... actually they DO have adult groups that come in for a weekend retreat or sometimes a week. I was thinking it would be great fun to get a bunch of friends together and spend a weekend out there :)

Paula.. Glad Lance had fun :) I know B will have a blast... it's just Mommy letting go that's the issue now :) I'm getting better!