Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poem for Blake's teacher

Ok... for some reason blogger will not put spaces between the stanzas... so I have made them regular font and italicized font to hopefully make it easier to read! How AGGRIVATING!!!!!
Thanks to you, Teacher
A poem for Mrs. V from Blake
By Jolene
Summer was ending
Fall drawing near
The first day of third grade
Was finally here
The days and weeks passed
Oh the things that he learned
"Mom did you know..."
Was quite often heard
The quickest of hugs
In front of his friends
Don't call me "Sweetheart"
The kisses must end
You have worked so hard
To teach him how
To multiply, and write stories
Just look at him now
He has grown so much
We give thanks to you
For keeping him safe
And nurturing him too.

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