Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turning points....??

Have you ever gotten to a point where someone you were friends with just suddenly doesn't seem to "fit" anymore? Whenever they talk, or write, or you see their picure, or see them anywhere it just grates on your nerves? C'mon... I'm not the ONLY person who has ever felt this way, am I?

Thing is.... I don't understand it. If I am friends with someone and suddenly they are the last person I want to be with... how does that work? If THEY are the one who changed then it would seem ALL of their friends would be turning away. If *I* am the one who changed, then why is it just that one person is no longer in my realm of friends?

I wonder if it's because of how we react differently to the same experiences in life? Is it because I am an outspoken person who is often perceived as a bitch? Or because I have a temper? Or because I expect people to COMMUNICATE with me and not just assume they know how I am feeling? It really irritates me when someone comments, "Well, now you are mad at me." and then quits talking to me. They don't even KNOW if I'm mad or not. I often comment back, "Perhaps you should ASK me if I'm mad before you just assume that I am." (Because honestly... most of the time I'm not mad at all.)

But that's not what happens every time. And it's really difficult to pinpoint the moment when things started to go south. It just seems like all of a sudden I realize this person is making me crazy and I need to not associate with them anymore.

I know.. this is just a bunch of rambling and makes no sense really. I HAD a complete thought in my head when I started... and it just kind of took off without me.

I guess it's just a curiosity to me why some people are your friends for LIFE... and others just swing in and out like a pendulum. *shrug*

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

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Tonia said...

Maybe you both change, and the reason you each still have your other friends is because the change for the two of you involved diverging paths. Your paths just didn't diverge from other people, just each other.

Just a theory :-)