Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

OK... just so y'all know... blogger is REALLLY ticking me off! It REFUSES to center my pics.... totally screws up the text.... and won't let me edit anything to where I want it to be. So... hopefully you can piece this post together because I can't fix it so that it's put together RIGHT! GGGRRRRR!!!!!!!
We had a pretty good 4th this year. Shelley and I decided to just stay in Mt Pleasant and hang out this year. In years past we have gone to Whitmore Lake to watch my nieces ski in the annual 4th of July ski show... we have gone to Bay City to see the infamous fireworks. This year, we decided to just stay put.
We were invited to hang out at Theresa's house... but decided even the 1 hour, 15 min trip was too daunting.
We had breakfast (made an artery clogging "bacon weave" we had seen on youtube) and then we sat in the gazebo and did some reading. Shelley left the gazebo... and I napped on the swing for a couple of hours (wow! Time flies when you're napping!!).
Then we hung out and chatted for a bit... Shelley watched the Tigers (I think they lost). Michael made dinner... I wanted pancakes. Then we followed our neighbor out to the house of someone he knows who fires off fireworks. The show was AMAZING! The entire show was like a grand finale'.
Dave (our neighbor) gave us these "kaleidoscope glasses" that made the fireworks even MORE cool. Shelley and I wondered if it was like tripping on drugs... but being that neither of us has ever done drugs, we couldn't be sure.

On the way home from the fireworks we stopped and got a hot n ready pizza from Little Caesars and after enjoying that treat we played Monopoly Express and Harry Potter Clue. We hit the hay around 2:30 AM.
What a fantabulous day of doing nothing... no requirements.... no time contraints.... just us... being together... enjoying our freedom to do what we want... when we want. Yup. It was THAT kind of day :)


Fireworks through the kaleidoscope glasses.

Blake with glow sticks around his head.

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