Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

Today is my birthday. I wasn't sure what I was going to do... Michael is out of town until Saturday. I thought maybe Blake and I would go to the pool again.. had so much fun the first time.

But then my friend, Karyn, sent me a message on facebook asking if I'd come hang with her and some of her friends for the day. She said she'd buy me lunch for my bday.

So my day started out with a wake up call from Capt. Jack Sparrow! I LOVE Capt. Jack! I'd leave my husband for Capt. Jack. (only slightly joking -- er I mean, slightly serious!).

Then B and I got ourselves around and went to Karyn's house. We packed into her car like sardines... literally... I should have taken a pic! And drove to her friend Ann's house. Ann took us all out on her float boat for a nice ride and tour of Wixom Lake in Beaverton. There is a GORGEOUS house for sale... only $890,000.00!! I took a pic so Mike could see what I want for my bday. LMAO!!

After the boat ride, we went to downtown Beaverton. We had lunch at a quaint little restaurant, and then shopped a bit. Then we went to a really neat pottery store and a sweet country gift store.

I have a bunch of pics... but blogger is always such a pain about pics... I posted them on facebook. I think most of my readers are friends on facebook... if not and you want to be then leave me a comment on here :)

B and I came home and got pizza for dinner, then I made brownies.... YUMMY :) Blake wanted to put a candle on my brownie, but he couldn't find any. LOL!

Now I'm fighting to get rid of a headache :(

Got LOTS of bday wishes today too... and a SWEET card that Shelley made!!

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