Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun with my Boy!!

Michael went out of town yesterday and will be gone until 8 Aug. So today I decided that Blake and I needed a fun day out. I spent a bit of money... but I don't even feel guilty for it because the bills are paid and I had a little extra ;)

We got up and I made egg "mcmuffins" for breakfast. Then we went to the bank and then hit the road. He had no idea where we were going :)

First we stopped at Kohl's because they have the neatest books in their "Kohl's Cares for Kids" selection right now. One is the ACTUAL size of things.. like a gorilla's you can put your hand on it and see how your hand compares to a gorilla's hand. The other is "What do you DO with a tail like this?" and it has tails, eyes, noses, etc... and what different animals do with these parts. At the back of each book is a small factual blurb about each animal... such as hippo's get sunburn easily and can hold their breath for 30 minutes!!

After this quick shopping trip (all we got was the 2 books) we went to the theater to see G-Force. This movie is about a team of guinea pigs who have been trained in secret agent type missions. There is also a mole and a fly that are trained. The movie was very cute and funny. We got to the theater early so we sat and chatted and ate popcorn (which we decided would be our lunch... LOL!!)

We read the credits for the movie cuz one of my BFF's sons is an animator for Disney so I always like to see if I can see his name on the big screen :) Zachary Stokes is his name if you are interested in watching for it next time :)

Then we headed to a pool in Midland (we went to Midland because the Mt Pleasant theater was only showing G-Force in 3D and I get migraines from watching 3D movies). I hadn't been to this pool before so I thought I'd let Blake decide if he'd rather go there or to the sprayground. When we first got there it looked VERY crowded and he wasn't sure he wanted to go. Which surprised the heck out of me! So I said, "OK... put your seatbelt back on and we'll go home." I started to back out and he said, "No wait! I want to stay." LOL!

The pool is actually a C shape... the long side is set up for lap swimming (and swim meets...the Midland Dolphins swim team practices there).. one of the sort sides is roped off and has 2 small (but VERY powerful) waterslides in it. This space is 12 feet deep so you can also dive there. At the other end.. the other short side of the C is also roped off and this one is shallow and has fountains and buckets and such... more of a kiddie play area. There is a nice concrete deck all the way around the pool... with chairs, tables and lounge chairs. There are 3 life guard stands and the lifeguards rotate out every 15 minutes. Blake had a blast... I took some pics....

That's Blake coming off the waterslide... just after I shot the pic, he did a back flip... that's how hard the slide spit him out!!

Coming off the slide again... just as his feet hit the water :)

Woooohoooo!! He's kind of hard to see in this one... I think I'll have Mike work on it in photoshop and get rid of the "clutter" :)

We spent 3 hours at the pool! Then we went to dinner at Long Johns Silvers (kind of a tradition when we go to Midland). And then we came home. The dogs were wetting their fur from being inside all day!! They were SOOOO glad to see us!!

We were also worried because our cats (who are INDOOR cats) had gotten out last night and were out all night! I hadn't realized it til morning. Sam I Am came back right away when I opened the door this morning. But Teddy Bear is VERY skittish and usually hides when he's out! Last time he was gone for 2 days! Well... we got home and were looking for Ted and calling and shaking food. I FINALLY found him... in one of our window wells. He was TERRIFIED. He ran into the house and bolted up the stairs. He STILL hasn't come for lovin... and that was 4 hours ago. *sigh*

What a great day :)

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