Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is anyone out there??

I wonder if anyone still reads my blog? I don't keep up on it as much as I used to... since I have discovered Facebook (which really is EVIL in disguise!).

But... if you DO still follow my bits and pieces here.... I have a job interview tomorrow. I am very worried that my old employer will give a bad report and thus cause me to not get the job... but I am excited at the possibility of once again being a preschool teacher! I turned in my resume yesterday and they called me today for an interview tomorrow! WOW!!!

If you DO read this... please pray for me. Getting this job would be wonderful for us right now!

And a bit of an update on life....

I am teaching a class at the local university. It's an early childhood education class (that I taught last spring too). I am enjoying it. I have a really great class this semester!

We are planning a trip to VA for Thanksgiving because Mike's gramma is not doing very well. She has had a couple of strokes and has been having recurring mini strokes (TIA's to be exact). She was in a rehab center, but they discharged her because she wasn't making progress there :( So, although we really cannot afford to make the trip... we are going to do it because I really think we NEED to. I think Mike needs to see his Gramma and I think Blake needs to see his great-gramma. She is 93 and quite comfortable with the idea of dying, so it should be a good visit.

Blake is growing like a weed. Doing well in swimming and school... 4th grade already!!!

We've had a great fall so far... with friends and family alike.

Mike is in the middle of his 2nd to last semester :) He registered for classes yesterday!! I'm excited that he is so close :) This is the first time he's actually FINISHED a degree :)

Guess that's it!

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