Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still kickin....

Hey ya'll :) If anyone DOES still read this blog, you probably think I fell off the face of the Earth! LOL!

Nope... new job is keeping me BUSY. It used to be the NORM to work full time, take care of the house and kid.... but after being unemployed for 18 months it has become a STRUGGLE to get back in the swing!

I decided to hire someone to clean the bathrooms. LOL!

The job is great... *I* am the boss... *I* am the expert... basically what I say goes :) I LOVE that!!!! It is tiring... and there are some minor bumps in the road... but for the most part it's awesome :) The teachers in the classrooms close to mine are great.... lots of fun :)

I am still teaching at CMU... tomorrow night is finals night. Not sure if I'll be asked to teach again... never know from one semester to another... so we'll see :) Sure would be great to have the extra money... but we'll be fine if I don't.

Blake is growing like a weed! Literally! Mike's sister was here in August and her son, Jack and Blake were pretty close to the same Blake is a full head taller than Jack!

We were fortunate to spend Thanksgiving in Virginia at Uncle Jim and Aunt Jane's house (Mike's side). LisaMarie and Jack were there too. And we got to see Gramma Aylor. It was a very tiring and hectic trip.. but we had a good time. Spent a day in DC and even went to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery. Very cool experience!

Now I am on my way to wiggle into my long johns, pick Blake up from his swim team pizza/ bowling party and we are off to see Santa Claus :)

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Tonia said...

So, I guess that means you got the job! Congrats. Can you say where and more details, or no?