Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer camp!!

Blake got out of school on June 11th and on June 13th we dropped him off at Springhill camp for the week :) He had a BLAST and can't wait to go back next year!!

Blake on the "blob". You sit on one end and someone jumps on the other end.

Rambo...er, Blake-bo? First time playing paintball.. yeah, he's hooked :)

With one of his counselors... Luke Moneypenny (his real name y'all :) )

His other counselors... Brett on the left and Jake on the right. It's a wonder they still have hair after the week :) Jake's voice was pretty much shot though!!

Blake got the "helpful/ future counselor" award :) That's my boy!!

Having fun... I think they were waiting for the flying squirrel here.

Blake's abode for the week. He stayed in Trapper's Outpost in Copper Country.

His bunk.

This is how the campers are taken to their cabins.

Here he comes!! We got a ride on a tram so we could see his cabin and meet his counselors. The campers are delivered w/ lights and sirens :)

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