Monday, August 2, 2010


Well.... the summer started out with big plans. We were going to go camping, take a trip out east to visit family, and make it to at least one theme park (Michigan Adventure, Cedar Point, etc).

It hasn't ended up that way.

I'm not sure where June went. We were in school for the first half of the month, then Blake headed to camp for a week, and the next thing I knew it was July.

Last year, some friends of ours told us about an amazing fireworks display in our area. The display is put on by a local family. We decided to watch the fireworks there again this year. We don't have to travel anywhere to see them and they are AWESOME!

I got an email from the principal at my school telling me my contract was not being renewed.

After a week or so of "What the hell are we going to do now?" I got a phone call from her telling me they wanted me back. WHAT???

Talk about turmoil.

I did a presentation in my MIL's class at CMU. I presented on Zoo-phonics. I ♥ Zoo-phonics :)

Blake had summer swim camp for the month of July. He improved on his butterfly a bit ... but he still hates that stroke! LOL :)

Now summer is almost over and we haven't done a thing. *sigh*

We are heading out this afternoon to look at a campground we discovered nearby. Maybe we'll make a camping trip before school starts.

This year is going to be different. Will be saving MORE. Want to buy a new car in 2 years and want to pay CASH for it :) Let's see how that goes...

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roy/elisabeth dean said...

The summers just get shorter and shorter between late school closings and early school openings! When I was a kid, we got out the 2nd week in May and didn't go back until the day after labor day! It's really difficult to get in a vacation around summer sport schedules~ so don't beat yourself up! A lot of people I know had "stay-cations" this year.
Best of luck with saving for a new very smart of you!
Have a great week~