Thursday, August 26, 2010


Wow! What a summer it's been! I was fired from my job... then 2 weeks later called BACK to my job... told that one person would be my new assistant teacher... then a different person.. and then a third person... started working with the 3rd one... she got called for an interview, and then a 2nd interview.

SO... I might very well be on the hunt for yet another assistant teacher. Joy of all joys.

I am very happy for her though... and keeping everything crossed that she does get the job. I think we'd work very well together, but she is a certified teacher and if I were in that position, I'd rather have my own classroom than be an assistant teacher in someone else's room!

So... we shall see what tomorrow brings!


roy/elisabeth dean said...

Finding the right assistant can be a daunting task....I hope you find just the person to "click" with!

I love the idea you came up with for your MIL's did she like it?

We have felt Lilly here quite a bit these last few days. Roy woke up yesterday from a drug-induced fog and told me he had been holding a little baby girl and she smiled at him. He said she was his angel.....

We love you both and thank you so much for helping us through this~
♥, another Lilly

Jo said...

Oh Lilly.... my heart melts.

I am SO thankful that my, no, OUR Lilly is bringing you comfort.

My MIL liked the book. She read the first page and said she thought she would enjoy reading it. I hope she does.

Love back to you all!