Saturday, September 25, 2010


I don't understand cancer. Such a horrible disease. Seems like every time I turn around I hear of someone else fighting, or losing the battle with cancer. Why must it be a battle? Why must people... GOOD people suffer like that? Our church bulletin is filled with prayer requests for people with cancer. Some who are new to the fight... others who are returning to the fight... and yet others who are at the end of the fight. And rarely do we hear of anyone WINNING the fight against cancer. It might go away for a bit... but then it comes back stronger than before.

Why can't we find a cure? With all of the medical miracles...why is one of them not a cure for cancer? We can transplant organs... re-attach lost limbs.... even fix brain issues without harming any other faculties. But we can't stop cancer?!

Stupid cancer has no age economic limits... hell, it doesn't have have species limits!

We fight and fight... we walk... we run... we have bake sales... we have moonlight vigils... we have dances.... and parades... and telethons... and the list goes on and on of ways to raise money to help fight cancer. But where is the help? Does it help to prolong a life of pain? Does it help for families to watch their loved ones slip away?

Are we any closer to a cure?

Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this ugly, horrible, evil disease. May your days be many and your journey be gentle.