Wednesday, October 6, 2010

R.I.P. Honey

Here are some pictures of our sweet dog, Honey. We called her Honey Lou Bear, Lou Lou, Honey Bunches of oats and some other not so sweet names at times :)

We got Honey when she was just 6 weeks old. I picked her up while out doing home visits. She was so cute and tiny. She stood up on the back seat of my van with her front feet on the back of the seat and her little nose straight up in the air and she howled all the way back to the school.

On the drive home, she snuggled in my lap.

Mike was home with Blake and when I called to tell him (Mike) that I had gotten a puppy, he asked Blake what he would name a dog if he got one. Mind you, B was only 2 at the time. He said he would name a dog Honey. When Mike saw her and her honey colored fur, he said it was perfect because of what B said.

Blake fell in love with her from the very first moment he saw her. He would haul her around and lay on her and snuggle with her. She loved him right back. She slept with him. If she felt there was something threatening, she would sleep at the top of the stairs to be sure nothing could get to us.

Usually I would head to bed before Mike. Honey would make her rounds, going to where everyone in the house was and checking on them, before settling down in Blake's room. Usually she slept in the bed with him.

She LOVED to play ball and swim in the river. The neighborhood kids would stop on their way home from school to throw her ball for her (she would drop it over the fence for anyone to throw). Some days the kids would knock on the door and ask if we'd let Honey out to play.

After 8 great years with her, Honey started having seizures. We had her on meds for them. Then in the past few weeks she started not acting like herself. She slept most of the time, hardly ate or drank, and if she played ball even a few minutes she'd have a seizure. Then she started walking in circles. Over and over and over... until she either fell down, or got stuck in a corner.

We took her on Monday night to have her put down. It was a hard decision to make... but it was best for Honey. The vet said she probably had a brain tumor and that was causing the circling.

We miss our Honey Girl.


Stacey said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss. Hugs hugs hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacey.