Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blake's winter fun.

Yesterday was gorgeous! Sun was shining. Temp was around 26. Great day to be out having fun. So I took Blake and his friends to the hill to do some sledding. One of B's friends has a cheapy snowboard and he let Blake have a go at it. B did pretty good. It's not surprising... this kid tries things and he masters them like he's been doing it for years! So now he's hooked on snowboarding. He used some of his birthday money to get himself a snowboard last night, so today I had to take them back out to the hill. Blake had a couple of nasty crashes (luckily I made him wear a helmet) but he got right back out there. Here are some pics from both days, and at the end a video of Blake on his last run of the day today.

Getting ready to try out W's snowboard.

He stayed up all the way down the hill!


Way to go, Bug!!!

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