Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 2

Week 2 is going pretty good. Blake has good moments and bad moments. He's been getting more aggitated this week... I'm thinking it's because his body has adjusted to the dosage of meds he's on and it needs to increase a bit. He has MORE good moments than bad... which is good :) His thoughts are more congruent now, and he pays attention to details more. Today when we were driving, he kept asking about things he saw along the road... and when we were trying to remember the date, he said, "Well, we went to the Capitol on Tuesday and the sticker said the date was the 29th, so today has to be the 31st" He wouldn't have been able to focus on that thought long enough to establish the date before. He is becoming likeable again. I know that is horrible to say.... but we've been dealing with his attitude for so long, and it has gotten worse. Now he is tolerable... and even when we can tell the meds are wearing off in the evenings, he is still tolerable :) In all honesty... I like it :) Go back to the doc on Monday I think it is... find out what our next steps are. Mike said he's heard that melatonin will help with Blake's restlessness at night... we'll talk to the doc about that and see what he has to say. Hoping I can make it to the appt. Have to call for a sub for the afterschool program and go from there :) Time will tell... but so far we are pleased with the results and feel like this was the right decision for Blake.

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