Friday, April 8, 2011

Concerta week 3

Blake's been on the concerta now for 3 weeks. We went at the beginning of this week for a med eval and the doc upped his dose. He said it'll take some time to get everything balanced out. I sent B's teacher a note asking how he's been doing at school. This is the email I got back from him: I have seen a huge improvement in his behavior. he is less impulsive and is getting his work done in class. He is also not as distracted in the classroom. In fact as I am typing this he is working on task while music is playing within the classroom. Usually when this was done earlier in the year he would be very distracted and could not concentrate. I will keep tabs on him and look for any side effects other wise he is doing great. I will also ask specials teachers to see if they are noticing improvements Made me cry. Had Blake read it and he agreed with it and is SO proud of himself for staying on task. I am so glad we made this decision.

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