Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Good... the Bad... the Ugly

Let's start with THE UGLY.... here is what happens when a student driver goes straight instead of turning right:

Mike and Blake were waiting in the left turn lane to turn into China One for dinner. A student driver (around age 22) was pulling out of the parking lot. He was supposed to turn right... but instead floored it, and ran straight into Mike and B :( That yellow line in the pic USED to be on the passenger side of the van!


The van was totalled.


Mike and Blake were not seriously hurt. They both had whiplash and Mike had banged his head pretty hard, but neither one had to be hospitalized.... just some good pain meds and a day off work/ school.

And another good:

Mike got a new truck :) It's a 1999 Dodge Ram and he LOVES it.

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