Saturday, September 15, 2007

100 things...

Ok... I'm inspired. I was browsing other blogs and came across one where the person had listed 100 things about herself. As I was reading her list I was realizing that a lot of her things weren't really "things about her" but were rather things she did. For example (not her stuff) 1. When I was 20 I went to _____ 2. I had a good time 3. I saw a lot of cool things.

So... I was inspired to see if I could some up with 100 things about myself to post here that are not basically the SAME item listed several times. Mind you, I did NOT say "interesting" things ;)

1. I am a mom

2. I am a wife

3. I am a teacher

4. I have been married for 9 years

5. My husband and I got married BEFORE we got pregnant

6. My parents were married until my dad died (60+ years)

7. One of my children died

8. My dad died 2 months before my daughter

9. I saw my dad when I was in surgery for my daughter and he took her from me

10. I have hit 2 deer with different cars

11. I have been to Alaska

12. I have been to Australia

13. I have my Master's Degree

14. I am the baby of my family

15. I have owned (not all at one time) over 15 cats!

16. My dream car is a minivan (I know, it's sad)

17. I know sign language

18. I met my husband at a local ice cream shop

19. I thought my husband was a jerk when I first met him

20. Mike proposed on Christmas Eve

21. We celebrate THREE Christmases every year (Christmas eve with my inlaws, Christmas day we are home, and New Years Day with my family)

22. I have diabetes and I don't let it get me down

23. I have lost 20 lbs since being diagnosed with diabetes (in May 2007)

24. My favorite color is pink

25. I have had 3 surgeries in my life

26. I have "funky blood" ... called elliptocytosis (sp?) my blood cells are shaped funny :)

27. I don't have a spleen, gall bladder or appendix but...

28. I still have my tonsils

29. And my wisdom teeth

30. The organs listed in 27 were all removed in 1 surgery

31. I am afraid of falling --- not really afraid of heights... just of falling no matter how far down it is (or isn't)

32. I am claustrophobic

33. I am deathly afraid of Darth Vader

34. I love thunderstorms

35. I saw the Hale Bop comet from the United States AND Australia

36. I have eaten kangaroo and emu

37. I have eaten vegemite

38. I swam with dolphins in Australia

39. Dolphins are my favorite animal

40. I have written 2 children's books that I want to get published

41. I have rhuematoid arthritis (and it SUCKS!)

42. I have assimilating schitoma (sp?) -- which causes me to go blind when I am stressed

43. I have only completely lost my vision to a.s. one time

44. I have been engaged twice

43. I have been cheated on

44. I have been the "other woman"

45. I have ridden in a jaguar

46. I lost weight while I was pg with my son

47. I weighed LESS at 9 mos pg than I did the day I got married!

48. I don't like Hummers

49. I am not afraid to share my opinion

50. I am a spoiled rotten brat

51. I have 3 tattoos

52. The only thing on my body that is pierced is my ears

53. If I could have cosmetic surgery, it would be to lift my boobs

54. If I won a multi-million dollar lottery I would build an "Early Childhood Education Center" and an apartment complex for homeless people who want to clean up and find a job

55. I believe that teachers are GROSSLY underpaid

56. I have chat buddies that I have kept in touch with for over 7 years

57. I collect snowmen, santa clauses, birdhouses and dolphins

58. My husband said I can sleep with Carter Oosterhouse if he'll come and build us a deck

59. I am in love with Captain Jack Sparrow

60. I think Ashton Kutcher (sp?) would be a BLAST to hang out with

61. My nieces are good friends with world champion wake boarders Parks and Shane Bonifay

62. I know how to scuba dive

63. I am certified in First Aid and CPR

64. I have been fingerprinted (for work)

65. I have been so drunk that I don't remember the day (twice)

66. I really hope my nieces don't read this!

67. Or my MOM

68. I have 3 picture IDs and I have different hair in all of them (driver's license, military ID and college ID)

69. I have laughed so hard that my drink has come out my nose (I think it was Coke)

70. I don't like riding in elevators

71. I have money owed to me that I will never see by people I will never see again

72. I love to snuggle with my son and watch movies in our jammies

73. I love our church - it feels like home

74. I had the sad experience of watching my father suffer with dimentia

75. I wish I could get paid to be a stay at home mom

76. I have a gold crown on one tooth

77. I am a die hard optimist (usually)

78. I love to hear people laugh

79. I have had stitches twice (lip and chest), and have broken 2 bones (both were fingers) (well.. not including toes)

80. I have hardened emotionally since my daughter died, and this saddens me

81. My heart literally ACHES for my daughter

82. I am sad that Lilly doesn't have a "space" (like at the cemetery etc)

83. I have a very accurate gut instinct

84. I have had poison ivy and scabies

85. After watching the movie "Pay it Forward" I got Blake out of bed, and held him and rocked him for 45 minutes while I cried and cried and cried (he slept through it all)

86. My grandmother came to America through Ellis Island

87. I think America should learn to make their own products so that we don't have to buy them from China anymore

88. Mike and I honeymooned at Mall of America

89. I know how to drive a stick shift

90. I plan our dinners a month at a time

91. I grocery shop a month at a time

92. I get along with my inlaws

93. I am allergic to penicillin AND the drugs they give you when you are allergic to penicillin

94. I have O+ blood but can't donate blood because of my "funky blood"

95. I have learned how to cook without onion, garlic or thyme and have the food still taste good (Mike is allergic)

96. I have ridden in a monster truck

97. I have never smoked, or done drugs

98. I teach my students how to count to 5 in several languages including Swahili, Italian, Spanish, Polish and German

99. My first year teaching I had 57 students! (1 K class and 2 preschool classes)

100. I love to write poetry and songs

Wow! That was more difficult than I had even imagined! Plus.. I got to number 96 and accidentally closed my browser!! I thought for SURE I had lost the WHOLE LIST! Thank GOD Blogger automatically saves now ;)

Going to bed so I can get up for church!


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Ter said...

my dream car is a minivan too...and I'm also afraid of falling... (why I hate to walk in the winter)... and obviously, I know sign language too. :)

one of these days I'll do a 100 list too. It might take me forever to do... lol, perhaps...100 days.