Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time for more pics...

So I was just looking at my blog and realizing that I have not posted any pics since the very first one. I think it's high time for more pics :) I LOVE taking looking at them... so... here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Here's Blake on his first day of 2nd grade :) We stole, er borrowed, this idea from my niece, Robin -- to have him hold up the number of fingers for the grade he's in :) His favorite subject is math.

This is Blake with his cousin, Jack. They were in their uncle's wedding :) Don't they look SHARP?? Blake was the Jr. Groom and Jack was the ring bearer. I wasn't able to go to the wedding because I had to work and it was out of town :( But I have been told that Blake did an EXCELLENT job :) Love my boy!

Here's Blake doing his favorite thing... playing in the water (and mud is even MORE fun). Believe it or not... I DID get the mud out. Thank you Oxyclean laundry spray :) LOVE that stuff!!

Yup... he is ALL boy :)

I guess that'll do for now :) Enjoy! I'll do my best to keep pics updated :)

peace and love


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Ter said...

nice pics. :) :)