Sunday, September 16, 2007

Family and Friends

Ok... didn't really do anything exciting today. Stayed in my jammies til 5:30 when I had to shower and get dressed so I could go get a free CD player for my classroom :)

So... here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure :)

This is a pic of Shelley and I the day I graduated with my Master's degree.

Here's me with Shelley and my other best fried, Tammy. That's me in the middle having an incredibly BAD hair day :)

My mom with Blake this past summer.

My niece, Greta. She swivel skis competitively :) (She knows Betty Bonifay who invented swivel skis; and Betty's sons Parks and Shane who are world champion wakeboarders.)

Another niece, Hannah who also swivel skis competitively. She knows the Bonifays as well :)

Blake's science fair project in 1st grade :)

Maybe tomorrow's post will be more interesting :)


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