Monday, September 17, 2007


Yeah... so our checking accounts are overdrawn. We want to close them. We want to have the bank waive the NSF fees that they are charging out the WAZOO for, and see what we can do about paying the remaining balance. But the bank won't close the accounts until they are at a zero balance. WHAT??!!

Well... they aren't going to BE at a zero balance any time soon so I guess they'll just have to keep plastering on those fines and watching it go more and more negative and we'll just pay them a bit each month and see what happens.

They'll probably have us thrown in jail. Then I'll lose my job and we won't be able to pay them ANYTHING. Sheesh!

I should've become a banker.

In other news... I SO love my Mom!!! I called her the other day and talked to her quite a bit. I told her that I have lost 20 lbs and that my pants are all too big! LOL! But I told her I'd just have to make due because I can't afford to go out and buy new pants right now.

Today I got home from work and there's a letter from Mom. I thought it would be a reminder that we need to start making payments on what we owe her. But nope... this is what it said:

Hi Jo -- Seeing that you are trying very hard to stay within your budget it's nice to be rewarded once in awhile. I hope you can get a couple pair of slacks and/ or a jumper with this $. Love Mom. PS Looking forward to seeing you. Love Mom.

She included a check for $150!!!!

How sweet is that?? I called her and told her she didn't need to do that.... she said she thought I deserved it and that she figured I'd spend $100 on clothes and put the other $50 in the bank. LOL! Just like a mom huh??

So... that in combination with the fact that I got a TON done at work today that I wanted done made for a good day :)

My student teacher did an AWESOME job today ...she totally cleaned out and reorganized my storage room! You could barely even WALK in there and I coudn't find a darn thing because it was so disorganized. My assistant said she and the teacher from last year had spent a lot of time getting it organized... uh.... ok? It was a mess. Of course, I'm OCD and anal so I guess that their image of organized wasn't even CLOSE to mine. LOL!

But, Catie got it all done today AND labeled the cupboards so we don't even have to open the doors to know what's in there! She's awesome!

She also reorganized and labeled the bookshelf! What the heck did I do to deserve this?? LOL :)

So... all in all it was a very good Monday! Next Monday is going to be home visits from 9:00 -3:00. UGH! I hate home visiting. But... it's got to be done so.....

Okee dokee... until tomorrow.



Ter said...

I'm glad you had some good things happen today.

I think that's so "UGH" of the bank not to let you close your account. You're just going to continue to accumulate interest, so it will never get paid off. I hope you can work something out so that you won't have this hanging over your head much longer.

Stacey said...

Dang, that's a lotta pants! I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE A BLOGGER NOW!! LOL